Friday 09 Oct 2015
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The offspring of a customized orbiter
ACTIVE YOGA Lengthen, Strengthen, and De-Stress!! Build muscle to burn fat, improve your balance and posture, maintain flexibility as you strengthen your spine and core.
PILATES Improve your posture, develop long, lean muscles, and learn how to truly engage and work from your core. Greatly improves spine, back and abdominal strength and flexibility.
STABILITY BALL Take training to another level by using an unstable object. Full upper and lower body workout with, like Pilates, all movements working from the core.
Personal Training One-on-one, privately. Only what YOU want. And need. It's all about YOU.
Your Future Health This is about improving the quality of life in your future. Your spine, your balance, your core, strength. IF YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE??
Welcome to by Cynthia Gordon
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Fall sessions begin soon! Be a part of them.

Please note the different starting times by location:


  • Saddlebrook sessions begin August 25.
  • Sorensen sessions  begin September 8.
  • Camelot sessions begin September 12..


Instructor Cynthia Gordon has over 30 years of teaching and personal training experience in the Omaha area. She is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer and ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in Pilates, Yoga, and Core Training. She has completed Yogafit Teacher Training Levels I, II, and III, and Anatomy and Alignment, and holds a Reformer I Certification from Pilates Coach. She has been teaching and training since 1984.


She holds a current CPR Certification and is a member of IDEA (International Dance and Exercise Association).


"I pay big attention to small details, therefore improving the quality of our work exponentially.  Today it's all about the spine, putting it through proper movement to offset the harsh effects of the computer.  Our cores (abs, back, and spines) become weaker as technology becomes more advanced."


ACE Certified